Dahua surveillance cameras and systems

With Dahua INCOM could win a strong partner, because even if the company name does not belong to the most well-known manufacturers at first sight, the second largest camera manufacturer of the world is hidden behind it, which produces OEM cameras for many well-known brands. Up to 100,000 cameras leave the factory in Hangzhou, China, every day. A wide variety of models for professional manufacturers and retail brands leave the production line here.

Dahua access control with temperature monitoring terminal

The Dahua access control systems are technical all-rounders. In addition to facial recognition, the systems can be used for time recording, but also for infection protection. Depending on the design of the system, the sensors of the cameras can measure the facial temperature with an accuracy of up to 0.3 degrees and thus provide indirect early detection of COVID-19 suspicious cases. If a person with elevated temperature is detected, the system gives acoustic and visual warnings.

Data sheet (PDF):Dahua access control with temperature monitoring terminal

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Dahua Panorama Fisheye Camera

Depending on the mounting, panorama fisheye cameras provide an image range of 180° for wall mounting and 360° all around for ceiling mounting. Using the software, different image areas can be displayed here (multimode).

Data sheet:Dahua IPC-EBW81230

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Dahua 3MP WDR IR Bullet Network Camera

Bullet cameras are used in indoor and outdoor applications for large area surveillance, such as large halls in airports or railroad stations, warehouses, parking lots or industrial plants.

Data sheet (PDF):Dahua IPC-HFW8331E-Z

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Dahua 4MP Dome Vari-Focal Camera

Dome cameras are used in both indoor and outdoor applications. They are usually vandalism-protected (IK10) and water-resistant (IP66/IP67). Depending on the model, the cameras are additionally equipped with infrared, wide dynamic range (WDR), additional zoom and integrated analysis functions.

Data sheet (PDF):Dahua IPC-HDBW5431E-Z

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Dahua 2MP Speed Dome Camera

Speed Dome or also called PTZ cameras, can be aligned remotely via a console manually (video management) or automatically via integrated sensors and are therefore mainly used in surveillance systems where a control center also exists. The speed domes are equipped with infrared (150m-200m) and up to 35x zoom.

Data sheet (PDF):Dahua SD59230U-HNI

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Dahua 4/8 Channel Video Recorder

can be offered as pure IP (with and without PoE), analog or hybrid video recorders for both worlds. The advantage of such an encapsulated system (as opposed to a software solution) is the high protection against misuse and manipulation from outside.

Data sheet (PDF):Dahua NVR4104-P-4KS2

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Dahua video door phones for family homes, apartments or office buildings

Whether IP, 2-wire or "no" wire (Wi-Fi), with Dahua's flexible video door phones you have all the options.

The modular front-door stations for single-family homes or even large residential complexes, can be easily expanded or replaced with additional bell buttons as well as voice recognition, night vision, recording and alarm functions.

In the house or apartment everything can be managed comfortably via the 7" or 10" indoor monitors by touch or keystroke or even a mobile app for Android and iOS.

With the Wi-Fi outdoor stations and indoor monitors, even hard-to-reach entrances or parts of buildings can be equipped with the appropriate camera modules. All you need is a power supply.

Data sheet (PDF):Dahua Video-Türsprechanlagen

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In addition to advanced IP cameras, Dahua also manufactures analog cameras and video recording systems (also mixed), which can be used to expand or replace old or heterogeneous video surveillance systems.

R&D is a priority at Dahua, which also designs and manufactures access control systems, video intercom systems and even quad copters with high performance cameras equivalent to a mid-range car.

More product information and the complete product catalogs can be found on our video surveillance page.


Dahua is the world's second largest camera manufacturer, producing up to 100,000 cameras per day and supplying OEMs to many well-known manufacturers. With 11,000 employees worldwide, 6,000 of whom work in R&D alone, Dahua in Hangzhou, China, produces not only surveillance cameras but also access control systems, intercom systems, video conferencing systems, fire protection cameras and large video drones with up to 5 km radio range and much more. Dahua has invested about 10% of its annual turnover in research and development since 2014.

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